Canadian electronic talent TOR returns to the release radar nearly a year after his last original release, this time around with the lead single ‘Foxglove’ from his highly-anticipated forthcoming third album Oasis Sky. The latest sonic offering to come from the well-established creative force directly follows his hour-long guest mix for Shapes at the tail end of last June, in addition to his mid-March released remix of Frameworks’ track ‘Breaking Down’. Out now, ‘Foxglove’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

The nearly five-minute musical endeavor immediately kicks off with a subdued, ambient tone. The pace builds steadily, alongside an atmospherically entrancing melody and beat that are replete with an infectiously propelling energy. Chopped, unintelligible, and discombobulated vocal cuts effortlessly aid in crafting a heady tone that’s consistently carried throughout the track’s entirety. Wholly awe-inspiring from start to finish, the latest masterpiece to come from TOR serves as yet another prime addition to his burgeoning back-catalog.
‘Last spring as the first lockdown restrictions eased off, I was able to take a trip to a good friend’s cabin on a small off-grid island near Vancouver. When we got off the boat there was this sense of space and relief, and there were these Foxglove flowers blooming everywhere. When I got back home to my studio I tried to capture that time and feeling of that weight being lifted.’