Tone Troy is back with a big groover single titled “Surrender”, out today on Lovejuice Records. The track seems like a perfect vibe to end the Summer season. With a most uplifting vocal hook, great rhythm and an east coast flavor, this one is bound to make it onto most House Music live streams. Tone Troy had this to say about the release;
“Surrender” is one of my more fun tunes recently. I wanted to create something light hearted and away from the typical sounds of house and tech house in NYC. Much of the influence on this track came from some of the day parties I’ve been to over in the UK. With hard hitting stabs and a catchy hook, I’m sure you will give into the energetic and upbeat sounds of “Surrender”!”

“Surrender” is available on all major streaming platforms and Beatport.





– @MitchDodge
Mitch Dodge