It was an exciting and historical month of June. Along with a glorious victory for Love came a copious amount of outstanding music. It’s been an arduous task selecting the Top 20 Tracks for the Love List this month, but we fought tooth and nail and came out triumphant!

Compiled & Mixed by Jimbo James
Managing Editor & Resident DJ
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The Love List — Top 20 Tracks June 2015

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In no particular order…

1) Stavroz – Designer Egg Im [Kindisch] — 2015-06-09
A seductive way to start things off. Stavroz’s latest EP for Mia Lucci’s Berlin-based label Kindisch, ‘Fortune Seeker,’ begins with this sunrise desert tune.

2) Poenitsch, Jakopic – Eine Sekunde (Alkalino Remix) [Audaz] — 2015-06-01
Creepy in a feel-good way. This Alkalino remix out on his own label Audaz is groovy, spooky, and has a light pleasant vocal. A dance-around-your-flat kind of jam.

3) Christian Kornberg – The Monday Song [Deepwithyou Recordings] — 2015-06-04
The gem of the lot right here. The original track on this sneaky little EP from Thüringen, Germany producer Christian Kornberg is a sex fueled funk fest that will surely get the dance floor grooving.

4) Fort Romeau – Saku II [Running Back] — 2015-06-08
Running Back is at it again with thier ‘Fairlights’ EP from Fort Romeau. This original track is a great filler in any set.

5) Zoo Look – Night Wings [Nofitstate] — 2015-06-01
Damn, where did this jam come from?! Loving the machine gun synths and driving basslines on this one from Zoo Look.

6) Aussteiger – Bangoa [Exploited] — 2015-06-15 — TOP PICK OF THE MONTH
Exploited is all kinds of on point! This crowd pleaser cleverly loops a Vic Juris guitar sample made famous by Ganstarr’s classic hip-hop track ‘Mass Appeal.’

7) Maxxi Soundsystem – In the Woods [Futureboogie Recordings] — 2015-06-29
Title track from our boy Maxxi’s debut EP on Futureboogie, ‘In the Woods.’ It’s been over three years since his breakout super hit ‘Into the Future’ was on the Bristol label’s ‘Futureboogie 10’ compilation album. Boy, did he came back with a vengeance!

8) Hanne & Lore – Samara [Heulsuse] — 2015-06-01
The 8th release from Hanne & Lore’s label Heulsuse. The title track from the duo’s latest EP ‘Samara.’ It’s a banger!

9) Oliver Huntemann – Schwarzlincht [Senso Sounds] — 2015-06-29
Another label boss, Oliver Huntemann, saving his super jams for his own label Senso Sounds. Big tune!

10) Kosmas – Ondas [Union Jack Records] — 2015-06-15
One of two tracks on the Love List from Union Jack’s compilation ablum ‘Future Funk II.’

11) Sabb – One Of Us feat. Forrest (Dennis Ferrer Remix) [Moon Harbour Recordings] — 2015-06-24
The latest EP on German label Moon Harbour features this high energy remix by Dennis Ferrer. Tough tune with a sprinkling of soft vocals.

12) DJ Koze – XTC [Pampa Records] — 2015-06-19
Another title track from another label owner. ‘XTC’ is a steadily haunting track from start to finish with an epic build and unearthly vocals.

13) Chaim – Cosmology [Rumors] — 2015-06-01
Israeli producer Chaim delivers his best work to date with his latest EP on Guy Gerber’s label Rumors. Another catchy jam for the crate.

14) SAAND – Tendencies [Union Jack Records] — 2015-06-15
The second track on the Love List from Union Jack’s ‘Future Funk II’ compilation comes from Music is 4 Lovers’ very own Senior Editor and Resident DJ — SAAND. This one needs to be in your rotation for the after-party festivities.

15) Oliver Schories — Fields Without Fences (Djuma Soundsystem Remix) [SOSO] — 2015-06-19
The remix album of Oliver Schories’ LP title track ‘Fields Without Fences,’ which was released earlier this year in March. This spicy version from Djuma Soundsystem will no doubt get the sexy hips fishtailing on the dance floor.

16) Merimell – Heat [Desolat] — 2015-06-01
A booty popper! The latest coming out of the Desolat camp.

17) Ashley Wild – 0.15 (Geddes Remix) [Dilate Records] — 2015-06-29
Get the crowd pumped with the newest EP on Dilate.

18) Flow & Zeo – Looking For (Adana Twins Remix) [Warung Recrodings] — 2015-06-24
Big ditty from the Adana Twins here on Brazilian label Warung Recordings. We’ve been Tweeting about this release since it dropped!

19) Andhim – Cloys [Monaberry] — 2015-06-25
A nice deep track as we near the end of the Love List from our boys Andhim on Monaberry.

20) Tiefschwarz – Free Falling feat. Khan [Watergate Records] — 2015-06-01
We close out the Love List with an original track from Tiefschwarz and Khan off their collaborative full-length LP on Watergate Records, ‘Left.’


Honorable mention…

HNNY – Solsidan [Lets Play House] — 2015-06-01

MF Hercules – Raindance (Till Von Sein & Tigerskin Remix) [Classic Music Company] — 2015-06-08

Homework – Palindrome 1 [Lets Play House] — 2015-06-22


Whew! See you next time!

Jimbo James
Managing Editor