After years of wide success in the electronic music scene, Boombox Cartel (Americo Garcia) is once again taking risks for the summer with his brand new side project, BOX CAR to bring back the fun and spontaneity of dance music with a grassroots approach. BOX CAR’s next single, ANY OTHER WAY released on May 19th ahead of the debut album, ALGORHYTHM via MONTA which comes out June 30. Ahead of the upcoming album, fans can also expect two more exciting new singles to be released next month.

Following the release of the side project’s debut single and music videoTAKING OVER (feat. Nessly), BOX CAR has teamed up with writer and longtime collaborator, Griff Clawson, to create and put out ANY OTHER WAY – a summertime electronic techno groove made to enhance even the largest and darkest of dance floors. The single’s heavy-hitting beat and deep, luminous vocals go hand-in-hand with BOX CAR’s otherworldly PS2-themed universe, reminiscent of Americo taking on his new side quest.

Reflecting on the single, Americo says, “vocalist Griff Clawson and I are no strangers to working together. We spent months working on this song that just didn’t feel right, until suddenly everything fell into place when I shifted down his vocals a few semitones and added a spin on it from my side project BOX CAR. The result was an emotional and melodic techno banger that we’re both really proud of. This track is meant to be enjoyed in a very large and dark room with an immense amount of strobes and lasers, but it can be enjoyed in any other way too. We also filmed an amazing music video for the song in the coldest parts of Latvia, in abandoned Soviet territories, so keep an eye out for that around the release date!”

Ready to introduce the project and branding to the world, BOX CAR  will be celebrated with a world premiere show at Space Yacht on May 30th. More than just a project, BOX CAR gives every track its own, unique world. Analog drums, warm synths, and funky beats break boundaries as Americo becomes fully encapsulated into the world he’s creating. Adding a grassroots approach to electronic music, BOX CAR’s music brings about hints of nostalgia while still encompassing a fresh and exciting groove. BOX CAR is an outlet that is simply for the vibes, without needing to worry about technicalities. The focus is purely on energy and showcasing dance music in its truest form.