Multi-instrumental Brazilian Spaniol is first up on The Gardens of Babylon Records this year. He offers up a stylish collection of six cuts with very real emotions and feelings imbued within. 
Spaniol is the creator and resident of Colectivo Sonido Trópico of São Paulo and so uses all his experience and know how here. Amar:Perdão opens up with spiritual pads and nice xylophone harmonies as well as deep drums. Lundu De Santa Maria Da Tempestade then gets more prickly and crisp, with a bouncy bassline and clacking hits that ride the groove and get you in a trance. 
The musical skills continue on Algernoia Brasiliensis, with its taught pinging kicks and trancendental synths zoning you out. Papaya Azul is a spritely cut with nice melodic vibes and a clean, airy sense of mood that brings jazzy joy as well as darkness. Papaya Azul then does a nice freaky dance with nimble drums and keys dancing over shuffling beats and Latin perc. São Pedro closes out with another rich percussive vibe and nice wonky beats that bring plenty of freshness. These are richly rewarding tracks from a real master. 

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