Sentre (aka Dave Gardner & Dennis White) have established themselves as electronic mainstays with plenty of major credits under their belts. We caught up with them to chat about their latest release, ‘Glastacy’ with Last Night On Earth head honcho, Sasha

Hey Sentre, it’s great to chat with both of you. How has 2024 been treating you so far?

Hi! We’re doing well, thank you. Despite the chaotic state of the world, 2024 has been a highly productive year for us.

This month, you’re collaborating with Sasha on the latest single, ‘Glastacy,’ under his Last Night On Earth imprint. Could you share more details about this project?

Glastacy initially began as an idea we had but weren’t entirely sure about. While preparing some music/edits for Sasha’s Glastonbury set, he was looking for something epic to finish his set with, and that’s when the idea of Glastacy clicked. The three of us collaborated on the version that Sasha eventually closed his set with.

The release of ‘Glastacy’ aligns with this year’s Glastonbury Festival. What inspired the connection to this iconic festival, and will you be attending this year?

Our fondness for Glastonbury and the numerous opportunities we’ve had to perform there over the years made it a natural title choice for the track. Also, the first time the track was heard was during Sasha’s unforgettable performance Thursday night on the Glade Stage that year. Regrettably, we won’t be able to attend this year, but we anticipate returning to Worthy Farm in the near future.

Can you elaborate on the collaborative process with Sasha for this project?

Collaborating with Sasha is always a great experience, and working on Glastacy was no exception. We always do a lot of experimenting with sounds, drums, and processing to present songs in new and interesting ways. Sasha often tests variations of tracks during his DJ sets and returns to the studio with fresh refinements. The evolution of Glastacy stemmed from Sasha’s DJ performances, where he consistently played it, then would come back to the studio with new ideas.

Could you tell us about the origins of Sentre?

Dennis and I crossed paths during a canal boat holiday back in 2013. We quickly discovered our shared passion for canal boats and realised our musical similarities. From there, our collaboration just kinda happened.

What is your current favourite venue and why?

Thats a tough one, there so many good venues but that doesn’t always make a good party. The people and music are what’s important!

As summer is finally here, do you have any upcoming plans you can share with us?

We have quite a lot of music releases lined up for the summer. Our ‘Twisted Disco’ EP will be out soon, along with some remixes such as ‘Silvertooth – Shut Um Down’ on the horizon, ‘Pattn – Climbing Out’ remix on Midnight People, and our remix of ‘Talee – Tomorrow’ set for release on Disco Halal.

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