Run To You is the new EP from Tangible on Ear Porn Music with three originals and remixes from AMRU and Daijan. Tangible is a Moscow based electronic producer, blending deep emotional charges of melodic techno with ever-familiar organic sounds and hypnotic pulsations of electronic beats and arpeggios. His music is an intimate journey to and within oneself, with each piece being a step further in discovering and experiencing the ways the nature of things reveals itself.

Opener Run To You is a deep, rolling tune with slick bass and an emotive vocal that really gets under the skin. Contact then gets even more heavenly with its lush synths and rolling drums. The sleek percussion locks you in a groove and the angelic vocals take you to the next level. Ready When You Are then pairs Tangible with Eriq Johnson and the result is a deep, mysterious bassline that builds to a big, bright and majestic melodic peak that will have floors in raptures.

Run To You (AMRU Remix) is another spine tingling deep and smooth cut with careful pads and rolling drums and last of all, Run To You (Daijan Remix) then picks up the pace but retains its smooth sense of groove, seductive keys and celestial melodies.

This is another standout package from all.




Artist: Tangible
Title: Run To You EP
Label: Ear Porn Music
Release Date: 2021-12-03




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor