Raja pursues the art of cross-culture storytelling in “Wakanda”.

The audio-visual project launches with single “Animal”.

Inspired by his soul-searching journey through Africa, Ukrainian Berlin-based artist, RAJA, explores the powerful impact of cross-cultural storytelling through music.

“Wakanda” is the second offering from a series of globally inspired audio-visual projects that will see RAJA share the unique cultural traditions of the people that have welcomed him into their communities; communicating those experiences through his own style of electronic music.

“Throughout my travels, the one consistent thing that I can rely on to connect with the people I meet is music. Music transcends spoken language and has an incredible power to bring us together, to remind us of our shared humanity. It is this powerful experience that I am trying to share through Wakanda. I want to show the beauty of other cultures with sounds that guide you, resonate with your soul, and awaken the forgotten parts of yourself.” – RAJA 

Speaking across themes of connection, spirituality and discovery, the juxtaposition of subcultures is presented across five tracks that fuse melodic electronic house and techno with a rich tapestry of folkloric sounds.

Through culturally responsive musical reflections Raja’s vision is to aspire to form global citizens who are cognizant and respectful of the diversity found across the globe. Symbolising unity and cultural exchange, “Wakanda” features a fusion of techno beats and the enchanting melodies of the Maasai people.

In his mission to Africa, Raja encountered diverse cultures that resonated deeply within him. Their unity, wisdom, pure and uncluttered, inspired him to express his experiences musically.

Through lead track “Animal“, RAJA crafts a sonic journey amidst the majestic and raw beauty of nature while “Mamba” delivers the vibrant primal energy and exhilarating pace of techno.

“Wakanda” serves as a testament to the fragility of ancient cultures and the importance of preserving their message for future generations.

RAJA – Animal is out July 5th
RAJA – Wakanda is out August 30th