Hamburg artist, Sidney Charles, releases gem Soultrade EP on Matthias Tanzmann’s Moon Harbour label out April 21st.

Moon Harbour always looks forward and to that end, they waste no time in pushing on past the landmark 100th release with a new offering from contemporary champion Sidney Charles. Hamburg’s Charles has become known for a rock-solid, no-frills style of chunky house and tech that has seen him become a firm favorite with both DJs and dancers. He is one of the most charted artists on RA thanks to his always essential EPs on labels like Truesoul, Hot Creations, and Avotre, the latter of whom he A&Rs for. Of course, he also appeared on this label last year on the In-house compilation, and now gets a full EP to really show off his skills.

First up, the tender ‘Make Me Moove’ features Lady Vale. It’s an exquisite eight-minute bubbler with elastic drums and wonky synths down low in the mix. The steamy vocals from Vale then kick start percolating baselines and the whole thing really pulls you in.

‘Soultrade’ is a bigger track, with spangled bass and big diva wails all getting you up on your toes as sweeping filters do to the drama. It’s one to get the crowd amped up and ready for more and is hugely effective. Last of all, ‘Der Haus’ shows another side to Charles and takes inspiration from classic New York house, It has bulky drums, icy hi-hats and woozy neon chords bringing some late night vibes to the floor. It’s playful, fun and perfectly functional, and rounds out another fresh EP.

Sidney Charles – Make Me Moove ft. Lady Vale (Original Mix) [Moon Harbour]

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Artist: Sidney Charles
Title: Soultrade EP
Label: Moon Harbour Recordings
Release Date: 2017-04-21


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