Oslo-based indie pop duo Ost & Kjex is gearing up for their second album release on the illustrious Diynamic Music.

“Freedom Wig” is a ten track LP laced with “soulful vocals and upbeat electronica” the Norwegian couple are celebrated for–maintaining a sound that is “rich on tradition but still distinctly modern.”

Ost & Kjex guides us through a musical exploration alongside numerous musicians and vocalists; from famed jazz composers to choirs to fellow peers in the electronic music community, one of which being a Music is 4 Lovers favorite, JAW from dOP.

We’re thrilled to premiere this unique and heady collaboration between Ost & Kjex and JAW spicily entitled “ChaChaCha.”


Ost & Kjex – ChaChaCha ft JAW [Diynamic Music]

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Artist: Ost & Kjex, JAW
Title: Freedom Wig
Label: Diynamic Music
Format: Digital, Vinyl
Release Date: 13/11/15

– jams
Jimbo James
Managing Editor