Dutch duo Offshore and Coen make their Freerange debut with two perfectly formed slices of blissful, late-night deep house making up ‘The Feeling EP’.  With a handful of releases under their belt, Maarten Kops and Coen Verschuuren are ready to take things to the next level and as well as their release for Freerange, they also have an EP scheduled on Fred Everything’s Lazy Days later in the year.

Title track ‘The Feeling’ gives us a good insight into the Offshore and Coen sound.  Pinpoint-precision engineering with everything positioned just perfectly in the mix with absolute clarity and definition.  Dry and minimal yet still warm and soulful.  Just the kind of perfectly paced house grooves that go down so well in South Africa, and with that in mind SA native Tamara Chetty provides a vocal sample recorded from a phone conversation following a momentous festival experience.

‘Modern Smoker’ starts off with filtering pads and a fat kick before the main hook of the track, a speaker wobbling bassline joins proceedings.  Live hi hats and loose, disco claps help give the track an organic feel and a sense of movement whilst Djana Covic adds some lovely spoken word vocals, pitched down and processed just a bit to add that hazy, off-kilter feel.

The Feeling is out on 6/22/2020 on Freerange Records.


Artist: Offshore And Coen
Title: The Feeling EP
Label: Freerange Records
Release Date: 2020-06-22




Turn it up & enjoy!