His first new material since late 2018, BETON is back on the Catz ‘n Dogz mother label with two all-out breakbeat rave bombs: ‘Dockside’ nods back to the hardcore era with its pure sparsity and drum insistence. Characterised by its low rumbling subs, there’s a distinct 2 Bad Mice flavour deep in the mix here as the Pets murker rolls his sleeves up and joins the darkest dots between the early 90s and now.

‘Transmodal’ continues the breakbeat pressure but does so with a much more evangelistic synth-struck twang. Full-flavoured euphoria with just a touch of trance in the mix; the upwardly cascading arpeggios hit with cathedral-level prowess.

Good, clean, wholesome, timeless breakbeat fun. BETON takes us back to simpler times while reminding us these strange days won’t last forever… Amen to that!

Dockside is out on 5/29/2020 on Pets Recordings


Artist: Beton
Title: Dockside EP
Label: Pets Recordings
Release Date: 2020-05-29




Turn it up & enjoy!