2015 was a blessed year for Inside Out Records. The music released by the label was intensively loved and supported by the biggest acts out there and international press was deliriously speaking about the controversiality and brilliance of the records.  As this year is coming to an end we can proudly say we saved the best for last. Our last record of the year comes from an artist whose releases have seen the light of day on labels the likes of Get Physical, City Life, Klik and the list keeps going; we give you Alex Dimou with his best record so far.

The record opens with “Forgotten Gold” featuring the vocals of Billie Fountain. Alex is a dreamer, and in this dream he found himself listening to miners singing motivational songs as they were making their way to work; the way he captured this fantasy of his in a track is truly magnificent. With its menacing with a surprising positive aftertaste character, the steady rhythm which through its subtle changes grows exponentially inside the listener and of course the haunting vocals of Billie, Forgotten Gold will give you the goosebumps.

“Your Love is Gone”, is the second piece served on the record, and its a triumph. This is not a track meant to see hands up in a dark room with loud music, but a composition to take your spirit to new unexplored places. A slowly subtly evolving groove, dressed up with a supreme melancholic vocal and analog bleeps all work in harmony to for this masterpiece.

Final track of the record is “Miri”. Miri keeps the philosophy of “Your Love is Gone” regarding taste on elements and psychoacoustic result on the listener but in a dubbier way. The bass line is straighter this time and more menacing making this last track of the record, the obvious choice for djs that want to present Alex’s vision on a dance floor.


Alex Dimou – Forgotten Gold ft Billie Fountain (Original Mix)

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Artist:  Alex Dimou feat. Billie Fountain
Title:  Forgotten Gold
Label:  Inside Out Records
Release Date: 14 December 2015