PillowTalk‘s frontman Sammy Doylestien arrived in San Diego to deliver a groovy disco set on the rooftop of Firehouse right on the beach during sunset. It’s a mix full of summertime jams!

This live mix comes in on the heels of PillowTalk’s Treptower EP released on May 1st exclusively on Bandcamp. More info below…






Artist: PillowTalk
Title: Treptower EP
Label: PillowTalk Music
Release Date: 2020-05-01

1. Dönner Sommer (Extended Club Mix)
2. Night Creeper (Extended Club Mix)
3. Night Creeper (Radio Mix)
4. Night Creeper (Barber Remix)

Coming up next on PillowTalk Music is our fourth release, Treptower EP. This project was created during Sammy D’s summer residency in Berlin. Living across from, Treptower Park, hanging out, collaborating and playing records with friends at open air parties, dark clubs or bouncing around town to record in various studios all summer long lead him to work with our dear pal and producer, Neil Barber and vocalist, Ntem. The result is a three-track EP set for a Summer 2020 release on digital and vinyl formats.

It’s been a minute since we’ve released any new music, but we have a couple of absolute barn burners coming out of the PillowTalk camp ready for summer action. The lead track, Dönner Sommer is a dancefloor killer of the disco persuasion. Peak time madness tested, tried and true over the last year on dancefloors deep and wide around the planet. Perfect jam to build or climax your set. Vocals lent by the new Queen on the block, Ntem on this one, she delivers a throwback Donna Summer vibe with three buzzing monster build-ups for full hype zone effect. Big drums and percussion carry the brunt of the track with infectious synth stabs on the turnarounds. Throw in a good old fashion rave siren, you just might think, Ohhh shit! Five-O got the checkpoint to the rave.

Next up, is a slab of chunky sleaze in the form of “Night Creeper”. Thoughts of a transgender streetwalker born from the old End Up nights in San Francisco. Again, we have Ntem on the spoken word here. Some gender trickery at it’s finest. The beat is hard and slams with a touch of uplifting synth stabs. It takes you back to the classic Plastic City or Swayzak vibe with a more modern Broken English Club or a Silent Servant aesthetic. The monotone subterranean bassline lays low, pulsating throughout the track and is the star on this one. Stick around for the remix by Berlin-based producer and DJ, Neil Barber aka Barber, who turns out a stunning remix here, worthy of its German geographical location and home to Underground Techno. Barber chops the vocals, straightens the beat out and actually gets it hitting a bit harder. The only question left to ask is… “are you my sister or my brother?”





– jams
Jimbo James