[New Release] Get ready disco dancers, because these guys are about to be everywhere. And disco dancers the world over are going to like it.  Detroit Swindle has been making waves recently, and deservedly, in both DJing and production.  This latest release, out today on Dirt Crew, is an upbeat and feel-good dance collection that mixes some classic house sound with funk-inspired vocal samples that inject a unique corkiness to the tracks.

The grooves on Nothing Else Matters are absolutely addictive.  The title track leads in from the top as the hi hats and drawn out synths beckon the listener to find out what might happen next.  The filtered, echoing vocals at the break create a dramatic, moving distance between music and audience, making the return to the groove with a punchy and light-hearted bassline all the more welcomed.  “Jick Rames” also makes use of drawn out synths to cultivate a dramatic anticipation about the track’s destination. And, once again, the groove after the break is feverishly energizing.  This kind of electrifying refreshment is Detroit Swindle’s specialty and wherein lies their enchanting poison–a great ability to toy with emotions by sheer elemental enticement. The last track, “Porter’s House,” once again carries an addictive and energetic groove that retains the previous tracks’ momentum.


The upfront, live feel of this EP gives Detroit Swindle an allurement that is nearly impossible to resist and makes the duo an act to watch.




Artist: Detroit Swindle
Label: Dirt Crew Recordings
Catalog No.: DIRT016D