[New Mix] A void exists when something is missing; something that should be there but just isn’t. Some voids are minute, barely detectable; while others are massive and pull at the strings of life. In music, people don’t realize the void that is happening around them simply because they are unaware; whether it’s in big business or a small party scene. Good taste comes from filling these voids. Building something unique and organic comes from filling these voids. When these voids are filled something truly special is formed and it spirals like a wild animal attracting people like a huge metaphorical magnet! Here in San Diego a void is being filled and it’s very very special.

Lovelife has emerged in San Diego and over the course of one year they have successfully delivered a slew of artists to a party scene that is completely saturated with cheese! Such artists include Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb, Tale Of Us, Damian Lazarus, Lee Burridge, Deniz Kurtel, Danny Daze, and many many more. Last month Lovelife brought NYC young gun M A N I K out for a chance to spank the dance floor with his deep sexxx. And that he did! Along with a brilliant opening set from Lovelife’s resident DJ and co-founder Jon Dadon. Here are those sets. Sit back with headphones on or hop in your whip, puff a j, plug in your iPod, and go for ride during a nice sunshine filled day.




Upcoming Lovelife events:

Aug 12: Superfreq White Party with Mr.C and Tornado Wallace

Aug 24: Lovelife’s One Year Anniversary with Life and Death: Thugfucker and DJ Tennis


– Jams