Rooted in Italy’s vibrant house music scene, SHOKË emerges as a dynamic duo, blending minimal grooves with influences spanning rock, jazz, soul, and electronic music. We caught up with him following the release of their latest two-track EP, ‘Rock The Planet’, on Sound D’Elite.

1. Hey SHOKË, welcome to Music Is 4 Lovers and thanks for joining us today!

Hey guys, thanks for having us!

2. ‘Rock the Planet’ is to be your latest release. What can listeners expect from the four-track EP? What was your process like when approaching the EP?

People have to be ready to listen to the real Shokë essence: rolling bassline, energetic grooves and crazy glitches with catchy vocals.

In this case, each track was made in different periods. For example, we made ‘The Man From Casablanca’ after a rewatch of the iconic ‘Casablanca’ and ‘Yessir’ was made when we bought an Elektron device with which we crafted some dark grooves.

3. What was the influence of Italy’s music scene on you growing up, and what role does it play today?

Growing up in Italy, the music scene deeply influenced us, instilling a love for melody and rhythm. Today, Italian music remains a source of inspiration and cultural connection, blending tradition and modernity.

4. You created SHOKË in 2020, what was it about lockdown that sparked the start of your musical journey?

The lockdown was the key to Shokë’s birth: The isolation and extra time inspired us to dive into music, leading to the creation of Shokë as a way to channel our creativity and emotions. Through daily video calls via Zoom, we tried to shape the sound that now identifies us.

5. Just three years after you created SHOKË, you launched your own label ‘SHK’, what are your ambitions for the imprint moving forward?

With the launch of our own label, SHK, our ambition is to push creative boundaries and create a platform for authentic music. For now, our aim is to refine our sound and establish an identity before expanding to include other artists.

Stay tuned…

6. What has been the highlight of your musical career until now?

Undoubtedly, our biggest highlight was ‘Coast to Coast’, our first release on our favourite label, ‘Solid Grooves’, but also the first support of big names like Michael Bibi, Pawsa, Ilario Alicante and Marco Carola and Joseph Capriati.

7. You’ve performed in London, Naples, France and Ibiza, to name a few, how do locations differ and do you have a favourite so far?

Each location offers unique vibes and energy. Napoli, our hometown, is a place where we love to play; it brings passionate and enthusiastic crowds. London is vibrant, and it stands out as one of our favourites for its incredible energy and party culture.

8. Most of your Spotify listeners are from Helsinki…what do you think the connection is there?

The strong connection with Helsinki could be due to various factors such as playlist placements or radio play. These factors could contribute to the higher number of Spotify listeners from the city.

9. Camma, you’ve been inspired by your grandpa’s piano and Carlo, your brother’s console, where else in life have you found a catalyst for your music?

Life itself has been a huge inspiration for our music. Everyday experiences, emotions, and relationships, as well as nature, travel, and other art forms, they all fuel our creativity and influence the music we make.

10. Where’s the best place to get pizza in Naples?

Ah.. the toughest question for a Neapolitan!

Our favourite spots include: ‘Antica Pizzeria da Michele’ and ’50 Kaló’. Each offers its own take on the classic Neapolitan pizza, so it’s worth trying a few to see which one you like best!