When you get a groove going, time flies. And you can be sure, with Mollono.Bass, time passes at the speed of light.

Just like the light reflecting from a majestic panorama wanders through the lens of a camera, the sound waves of our ever-changing music landscape roll through the creative mind of Mollono.Bass.

While in the first case it’s many different shades and colours that become a picture, it’s many different rhythms, melodies and grooves that turn into a compelling urge to nod along and new forms of danceability in the studio of the producer from the Northeast of Germany.

The already sixth part of his Remix Collection gives us a lively impression: Sweaty club excess, handplayed Downbeat and Latin American spiciness, Dub hybrids that make you want to sing-along, technoish hypnotism and melodies triggering a colourful synaptic firework provide a wonderfully rich and detailed reflection of all the twists and turns the creative output of Mollono.Bass has taken recently.

A fantastic showcase of work awaits us on Remix Collection VI, so it’s time to sit back and enjoy the groove of Mollono.Bass.

Listen here