Lisbon-based Mirror People is an alias of Rui Maia. He has a love of original 70s Disco and infuses it with a contemporary twist. He’s done so on the likes of Permanent Vacation, Discotexas and Toy Tonics (now known internationally as a result). We caught up with Rui following the release of ‘Dancing Days’…

Hey Rui! Thanks for chatting to Music Is 4 Lovers. What have you been up to recently?
I’m rearranging my studio at the moment, selling & buying different vintage gear. I have a couple of tunes, ready to be out later in the year after my new EP.

Your latest EP, ‘Dancing Days’, is out now on your Belong Records label! What can you tell us about this release as well as your imprint?
This new release is ‘back to basics’ really. When I started Mirror People (10 years ago), my main focus was to make instrumental disco, house & electronica influenced music; that’s what I’m feeling comfortable doing at the moment.
This whole EP is very ‘NY’ sounding to me. I just love underground NY disco from the 70s & 80s, that’s my type of sound. ‘Zagg’ is more busy sounding, but with the other 2 tracks the main idea was to play with the space and to respect it by only using a couple of instruments. This new EP was all done by myself. I wrote, recorded & mixed the whole thing at my home studio. My imprint, Belong, is just a ‘stamp’ where I put my music out, it’s that simple.

As a Lisbon-based producer/DJ, could you tell us more about Portugal’s contemporary disco and electronic scene?
There’s a new generation of disco & electronic artists and DJs that are doing some exciting parties here, there’s some interesting releases also; it’s great to be around it.

What do you think has caused the resurgence of disco in recent years?
There’s several types of disco, but it’s all ‘feel good’ music isn’t it? I believe that the disco scene will never die, one of the reasons is that kids love to sample and classic disco musicians were so awesome sounding! There’s bits of disco everywhere, even in mainstream music.

‘Dancing Days’ resonates with the sounds of original 70s disco. Who stands out as the main influences on your production and why?
Of course I love all of that ‘NYC Danceteria’, as well as classic Disco & House stuff from the 70s. Loose Joints (Arthur Russell), DFA Records, Metro Area and the more contemporary Art of Tones, Jimpster, Alex Kassian and the Toy Tonics label are people who I identify with.

What’s your favourite record right now?
Mildlife’s ‘Chorus’. Excellent LP; one of the best of the year for sure. 12″ the new Alex Kassian vs Mad Professor ‘E2-E4’. Don’t sleep on these…

With summer just around the corner, do you have anything in the works you can tell us about
Apart from the usual DJ Sets, on my Bandcamp I’m about to release some DJ Edits of obscure Portuguese gems which are definitely dance floor ready.

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