Serendipity seems to play a large part in Crosstown Rebels’ new label Secret Teachings. The first release on the label, Music Inspired By The Film Beijing Spring, came about after producer, DJ, and label founder Damian Lazarus met director Andy Cohen in a nightclub in Geneva. The story of how Lazarus met Miraclis is even more extraordinary – a chance midnight encounter in Pucón, Chile, at a woodland campfire after Damian was locked out of his hotel room. This meeting of minds was the start of a remarkable friendship. Miraclis invited the DJ to stay at his house and break bread with his family, and the two kept in touch, exchanging music and ideas.

Opening the proceedings is the heavy, emotive single Trapped. It’s joined by some very special interpretations from Audion aka Matthew Dear. Matthew picks up the mandate with aplomb, exposing Miraclis to the dancefloor, synapse frying, and tweaking Max’s vocal in the process. These are proper remixes. A short film and album follow on Secret Teachings in July.

Miraclis earned his stripes as a DJ under the name Max Clementi in his native Chile as well as Spain after a stint at the Barcelona SAE Institute. Playing and writing music since his parents gave him his first guitar at age twelve, he found himself inspired by synth wave, electronic pop, trip hop, and psychedelic rock of the ‘80s and ‘90s, drenching himself in music by the likes of Massive Attack, Tricky, Depeche Mode, and Nine Inch Nails. However, it wasn’t until he had to move back to Pucón to take care of his father during the pandemic that he began working on what would become Origin of Truth in earnest.

During the summer Pucón is filled with tourists enjoying outdoor activities at the foot of the Villarrica volcano. During the winter, however, it’s a different story. “In winter it can be a sad and melancholic place, with winds of up to 120 km/hour,” Miraclis says. “It was cold. It was raining a lot. And with my father being high risk, I didn’t get to see a lot of people for months. I turned to writing music, and the desolate landscapes and social isolation formed a really strong inspiration for the album.”

Damian Lazarus comments: “It’s a record that has its roots in electronic music, but it’s a very alternative, very deep, melancholic album. I find it both soothing and stirring at the same time, and that’s a quite interesting juxtaposition in that it feels edgy but delicious at the same time. The fact that this was written in this place surrounded by the most incredible desert landscapes makes this a very important piece of work to me. It doesn’t sit in any particular genre, which is why it feels right for a Secret Teachings release. It hints at so many genres that I as a DJ am quite into, and it feels like a first as it’s unique and unclassifiable. That mystical, esoteric, edgy feel makes this a perfect release for the label.”

Miraclis ‘Trapped’ with Audion Remixes is OUT NOW on Secret Teachings

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