Mark Slee makes his debut with the organic groove-monster Teraxicum (Light Up The Night). The SF based artist already brought our events in New york on a whole new level, with magical light installations, now he is adding a perfect new flavor to our record label. An undeniable bass-driven groove and psychedelic riffs make this a haunting track you won’t get out of your head. Jeremy P Caulfield and his buddy Cesare vs Disorder took over remix duties and transformed Teraxicum into a mystic, almost medieval kind of vibe. This version takes you on a deep trip into foreign fields of the electronic landscape. There is just one more thing we can do – let’s light up the night! Maybe one more – dance!


Artist:  Mark Slee
Title:  Teraxicum (Light Up The Night)
Label:  Cityfox
Catalog No.:  CF020