Napolean duo M.F.S:Observatory have recently shown their cards on My Vision Records with their Set Free EP, with a stunning remix by Jey Kurmis. Real dance floor energy through out as always from these certain producers, the EP certainly does not disappoint, ready to rock the club floors and festivals in the summer.

We asked them to discuss, How it was Made…

“‘Set Free’ is a true tech-house EP, born by setting the tracks as we usually do using Logic. We started the studio session and immediately started playing with our Roland TR-8S and then we set up our drum sequence to a very tech house sound, with hi-hat and claps. After that, we always played the kick using our Roland 909 kick, which we use very often because it is one of our favourites.
For the bass line, we often use a plug in called the Subboombass. This plug-in allows you to have maximum control over your bass line and shape your bass at your leisure.

After choosing the bass line, we like to model the sound with our Moog minitaur to make it sound very particular — it is almost always different in each track.
As for the synths, we used many plugins. With this particular EP we used the complete library of the native instrument. And we chose the perfect sound for the track. For the vocal, we used some samples that we have cut and re-glued to our liking in order to be in perfect sync with the track. Also for the part of effects used another plugin of the house rob Papen called predator fx, this plugin is fantastic because it allows you to create very different effects between lotus with a unique sound.”

M.F.S:Observatory – Set Free EP is out now.