Spanish duo Animal Picnic have been making their mark on the world. Producing hot house music for their home labels Steyoyoke and Steyoyoke BlackSleazy Gand of course Sleazy Deep — the label who broke them out of the shell. Their remixes extend to labels like Dear Deer and Alma Soul Music.

Animal Picnic is taking us on a deep voyage for this week’s Lovecast episode. Press play and relax…

Lovecast Episode 087 – Animal Picnic

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Interview with Animal Picnic:

Animal Picnic was born in 2012. How did this union happen? How did you come up with the moniker?
Well… we are friends since a long time, and we share a very similar taste for music; so one day we tried to make a track together and realized that we connected very well. So after some weeks working together just for fun we decided to take the next step, which was sending our first demos to labels. We were very lucky as one of the main spanish labels Alma Soul Music liked our music. They gave us the opportunity to show the world what we were doing, so Animal Picnic was born in a very natural way.

About our name… hahahahha!! We usually call our friends by names of animals, so the idea started there; but the word “Animal” was very aggressive so we had to find something that made a contrast and also show that our music is versatile. The word “Picnic” was just perfect for us. We like many kinds of electronic music and we both have very different backgrounds — from house to minimal, deep, techno, psytrance, progressive…

What are your favorite Animals to have a Picnic with and why?
IÑIGO: I would go with a suricato!! They are my favourite animals. They seem fun and look after each other all their lives.

DANI: I like cats. They are funny, elegant, solitary, agile, and clean. It’s my favourite animal, of course.

Where is home base for you? What’s the scene like there? Do you have any local residencies?
At the moment we are based in our home town Vigo, in the northwest of Spain. The scene here is very small these last years, as many clubs have closed their doors due to problems with the law and new times for closing. We hold two residencies in our town, and one of them is a very cool new project (Sete Visions), which is a live stream every two weeks on Internet. It’s a very intimate club but with everything needed to have a blast.

What news can you share with us that you’re especially excited about?
For now, all the music we are working on will we release on Steyoyoke. We have been working the last two months on a new project for Steyoyoke, which we have chosen two tracks from Steyoyoke Black and remixed them and they will be released in summer as an EP of remixes. We are also working in our new original tracks that will also be released in August; cant wait to finish them and show you! 

Which do you enjoy more – tour time or studio time?
We couldn’t choose just one, as both parts of the job are amazing! Creating tracks from zero is a very special feeling, and we need and love to spend days in studio to transform our ideas and experiences in music. But also playing, traveling and meeting people all around is awesome! This is where you get big part of the inspiration to come back stronger to the studio.

What is your dream… Collaboration? Gig? Label?
Our dream is to keep on making music every day of our lives!

We have been achieving loads of our dreams since we stared Animal Picnic. There are a lot of labels, artists and clubs who are making our dream come true. As every step we made was a goal to us. One of our first dream was to release an EP on an international label, so we found Sleazy Deep and this made us grow a bit more as artists.

Working with these guys also gave us the chance to reach other labels and artists. But we were looking for a label who could really support our sound and our artist carreer, so after some time Steyoyoke appeared in our lives giving us the oportunity to make our dream come true.

The future is yet to be written and there are loads of collaborations, gigs and labels which we really dream of working with.

What is your go-to jam at the moment?
A bomb from our label partner Aki Bergen!

Drink of choice.
Brown rum at parties and coca cola during the week.