Lovecast 294 comes at ya from Manchester-based rising star, Sanchez (UK)!

Manchester Dj and Time Bandits owner Sanchez (UK) stormed onto the scene in 2010. He already shared a deep-rooted connection with music through his grandfather and uncles that were prominent influences prior to him touching ground.

Nightlife in Manchester has much mutated since the heyday of acid house as parties moved towards the city outskirts, and Sanchez (UK) had a big part to play in that expansion. After setting his foothold in the Manchester scene, it didn’t take long for industry heavyweights like Flashmob, Roger Sanchez and Marco Carola to pick up on this young talent.

Not to mention the huge labels that he already has records with such as La Pera records, Under The Radr, Be One Records & Happy Techno. He left his biggest impression on the electronic community after setting sail to tour America, Australia, Europe and held several residencies in Ibiza. Having released on labels Flashmob, 2019 shaped up to be one of his best years yet.

His music began winning praise of immediate peers and well-known DJs. You can bet that Sanchez (UK) will continue making strides and rattling speakers for larger electronic audiences, breaking through the UK underground and into the larger electronic community.







– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor