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The legendary Papa Sven has put together a unique listening experience for the latest RA podcast. The concept behind the mix, aptly titled Privado, is a DJ Kicks style collection of tracks meant for private time at home, on a plane, and relaxing – those private moments where you enjoy the most personally stimulating and emotional melodies through headphones.  Sweet, ethereal, raw and cathartic, the mix envelopes those moments of solitude in which self-realization and introspection manifest themselves most. It is a beautiful thing to hear DJs undistracted from the dance floor, exploring, purely, their passion and love for sound. Continue reading below for his mini-interview with RA. 

Additionally, Sven Väth returns to the White Island tonight, June 24, for his weekly Cocoon night at Amnesia, after taking last week off. He’ll be accompanied on the Terrace by Seth Troxler, with Chris Liebing, and Daniel Stefanik heading the main room.  With such a heavily talented line up, the energy and music is set up for blissfulness. Purchase tickets here.

About the Privado podcast: 

“What have you been up to recently? What are you up to next?

I just finished my annual world tour which brought me to Asia, Australia, USA, South America and Europe of course. Now I’m in Ibiza with my family taking some days off, preparing my summer residency at Amnesia and looking forward to my summer festival tour.

How and where was the mix recorded?

I chose the songs from my iPod during my travels, compiled them and arranged all in the studio.

Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix?

When I received your invitation to mix an RA Podcast I was delighted and thought immediately that this was a chance to offer a mix that will be unlike my classic vinyl DJ set. I took my time and tried to come up with a way to combine the music of my favourite artists in a mix. The theme of this collection is “wind down.” It’s a compilation of new and old music that keeps me company when I’m traveling, at home drinking wine, reading, dreaming and sleeping, hence the title “Privado.” “