Here we go again, another Innervisions’ record that wows. One of the most incredible developments in music (can be debated as for better or worse) has been the decline of the conglomerate record label. The increasing fixation of the music industry on the Internet has vested artists with the privilege to create their own labels, with their distinct musical vision and that highlight artists they believe deserve recognition. It is no surprise Âme & Dixon are behind Innervision, for the label reflects their eclectic and eccentric music taste, striking delicate balance between club music and journey-inducing electronic.

The Howling, aka Frank Wiedemann (0.5 of Âme) and Ry Cuming (an Australian, LA-based artist), made waves after their collaboration “Howling” last summer, for which Âme then supplied a popular remix. The duo is back with emotive and colorful sounds in Shortline, a three track EP which is currently available on vinyl and digital release coming at the beginning of July.

Ry’s voice maintains focal presence throughout each track, delivering a haunting omnipresence over the EP. Title track, “Shortline,” is melodic and heavy, growling persistently  on both the original and the Wiedemann remix. “Litmus” is slow and thumping, with fantastical elements weaving their way in and out of the background. It is on this track that Ry’s vocals and words really stand out and strike a undeniable chord with a musically in tune heart.

The vinyl can be purchased from the Innervisions shop, here