I had a chance to see the Baltimore duo Life On Planets down in sunny Playa del Carmen for The BPM Festival recently. They were playing a live set and all I can remember thinking the entire time was “holy shit, this is like future music.” To catch these dudes doing something so fresh and original, still with a touch of nostalgia and yet sounding completely ahead of their time. It was refreshing and for me personally the highlight of the entire ten day festival.

The “Life On Planets – A Public Affair (Remixes)” EP landed on Double Standard this week and features versions from labelmates and friends. It’s no surprise all of the mixes are lovely, from Soul Clap’s heavy-hearted house jam, to the shuffling crooner from Night Plane. Luke Solomon, David Marston & Dan Izco and boy wonder, Nick Monaco also grace the record with mixes. The W+L sister label Double Standard was at first vinyl only, but now have everything in an online catalogue for all you digital junkies. You can still get the original Public Affair EP on white 12” vinyl. Check out the EP and treat yourself to something special by going to see a Life On Planets show.

Life On Planets – A Public Affair (Remixes) EP 


Artist: Life On Planets
Title: A Public Affair (Remixes)
Label: Double Standard
Release Date: 01/26/2015
Catalog No: DS17