“Let’s talk about the magic of these wee small hours in the morning, when the whole world is fast asleep. Isolated from society in the most peaceful, almost unreal bubble that eliminates any pressure – even if only for the moment. No matter if you’re alone in the studio, trembling back home in silence from a great night out with your gang, or lying in the grass and chatting away with a newfound love while the sun hits sail. Breathe in, close your eyes and hold tight to the moment – make it last.

This is Kyle Watson’s debut album Into The Morning. Orchestrated in countless hours between dusk and dawn, taking him on adventures into new creative territories. The outcome: ten versatile tracks including amazing collaborations and mind-blowing features arising from his very own intimate playground, showcasing his demand to continuously master his craft and broaden his musical horizon. We, Kyle Watson fans from day one, are very proud of his development and can’t express how grateful and excited we are to be able to unveil this masterpiece to you lovely people.”

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1) I Know (Intro)
2) Sides
3) Control Ya
4) Sunday School
5) You Boy ft Kylah Jasmine
6) Song For The One ft Apple Gule
7) July
8) Sit Down
9) Chomp
10) Lights On
11) You Boy ft Kylah Jasmine (Radio Edit Clean)
12) Chomp (Radio Edit)
13) Control Ya (Clean Verison)