[Release] It’s FINALLY here!!! We’ve been fiending for this release since its sweet stylings first blessed our ears this summer. Kolombo, aka Olivier Grégoire, is one of the most prolific and reknowned producers & DJs from Belgium. Infamous for hard hitting booty bass, Kolombo releases another sublime sound with ‘What Could Make Me Think,’ out on the relatively young label Mahayana Records based in Athens, Greece. An instant favorite, a dancefloor go-to banger, and even an everyday kind of track, it just works all day, everyday, to get you down and dancing. The EP is graced with two remixes, the first from Mi4L favorite Atapy. Atapy is one of my absolute favorite artists for remixes, his interpretation always matches my level of love with the original, and this one is no exception. Drawn out synths, some extra bangs and cowbells, and a more playful tease of a build up make this remix straight gold. DSF‘s remix chops it up with broken up vocals, distorted synths, and harder hitting beats to give it a more gangsta house feel. This is a must have for any Mi4L Lover’s library!




Artist: Kolombo
Title: What Could Make Me Think
Label: Mahayana Records
Release Date: October 29
Catalog: A012



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