Barcelona-based space disco wizard Ivan Fabra is renowned for crafting a tantalizing blend of ethereal psychedelic house and seductive synth-driven Balearica. With previous releases on esteemed labels like Internasjonal, Codek, Nang, Spa in Disco, and Love Attack Records, Fabra now debuts on Whiskey Pickle with two cutting-edge nu disco tracks infused with a touch of wistful nostalgia.
In this release, Fabra presents two forward-thinking, high-energy tunes that transport listeners to a futuristic disco realm. Andrea Frittella contributes a delightful remix of “In Times Gone By” under his Irregular Disco Workers moniker, while label head Adam Warped, adopting his Johnny Blackouts persona, delivers a retro rave interpretation of “Sweet Eve.” Whiskey Pickle will make you wiggle!

“In Times Gone By” is out now!