Originally written for Rihanna,’Mango’ is the first release of the year from the London-based multi-hyphenate

London-based producer and songwriter Isanna has unveiled her new single ‘Mango’, out 23rd September via Sweat Entertainment.

Exploring themes of self-growth in a relationship and brimming with sensual energy,  ‘Mango’ allows Isanna’s seductive vocal delivery to take centre stage amidst a warm, feelgood production. The beauty behind ‘Mango’, is a somewhat happy accident originally written for Rihanna with a 24-hour deadline. Determined, Isanna locked herself away in her bedroom – a self-proclaimed introvert who creates better alone – she poured herself into the challenge with the result being ‘Mango’, but the beat, lyrics and the way the track flows was ultimately too ‘Isanna’ to let go.

“‘Mango’ is a late-night conversation with your best friend,” Isanna explains. 

“It’s an open and honest dialogue about having enough self respect and self love to know when you need to let someone go in order to grow and make space for yourself, even if it hurts. I went with an upbeat and bouncy approach to the production because the song needed that light-heartedness you feel when you’ve made the right decision for yourself. ‘Mango’ is probably one of my most wholesome tracks. It’s all love.”

An American-German artist based out of London, Isanna is an introspective producer who draws inspiration from above and below, combining airy pop culture references with emotional deep dives. Although her musical background is rooted in structured classical voice training, her self-taught production and song-writing style is free-flowing and honest.  

Her first release of the year, ‘Mango’ suggests that it was well worth the wait.

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