Hey Massimo, introduce yourself to us, tell us how you got to where you are?

Hi everybody! After years spent as dj, choosing music from others, I decided to start a journey more satisfying for me; I’ve started producing my own music and also to play it, then I opened my label Superba Records and here we are.  

What has the last year been like for you personally?

It has been hard like for everybody, but from moments of crisis, the opportunities arise. So, with a positive attitude, I looked at it like a ”new” year and it became full of chances.

Have you been working more music with the extra free time or less as its hard without club experience to feed back in?

I had more time to spend in studio, to listen to music I like and to listen to myself and it helped a lot to imagine what I would like to propose to the public, also without clubs where to test the tracks.

What does it stand for you, what is the label and festival all about?

The most important thing is always to be happy, whatever thing you’re doing. I’m happy when I release music, when I play, when I’m in studio. This really stands for a lot to me.

Tell us about your ep for your Superba Records label – where do you start with making music?

My last Ep is made by 3 songs, everyone different from each other for ideas and sounds, because they are born from three different periods. Wurren has melodic sounds; it was born some months ago and I’ve put inside sounds that I’ve listened to in 2017. Beemin was born before the last night I’ve played in October 2020 where I didn’t think we had to stop again. I was passionate about deep house in that moment. While Maia is what I have in mind right now: Sober melodies and harmonies that slowly approach the new progressive. I always start from a mood.


What was the aim and inspiration of the latest release?

The aim is to create my musical journey to offer to the public, trying to transmit good feelings. The inspiration, as mentioned above, depends from the specific moment I’m living.

What are some of your favourite tools in the studio, what gear do you like best?

Working on electronic music, I have to find the right compromise between the various synthesizers,  the violas and the piano are my favourite; even if in a recent track, Gudja, I used a live guitar that took me back to the years of Dire Straits, bowing to the King, Mark Knopfler.

What’s next for you that you can share with us?

I’m working on some cool tunes for the second part of the summer; first half of the season is already planned with lots of releases on my label Superba records, but I’m thinking about to release something on other bigger labels, but I can’t say more now.

What are you most looking forward to about the end of all lockdowns, partying returning, and playing out?

Yes, for sure! I hope that we can switch back to normality asap. I’ve started to play this month, also if is still not totally like before.
The crowd is full of energy and desires to have fun after 1 year and half without any kind of party. I’m clearly ready to please them!Meanwhile, I release my own music and this makes me happy enough. Thanks for having me guys!


Massimo Logli’s Wurren / Beemin / Maia Ep is out now on his Superba Records

Grab it here