Future Disco announce a huge Halloween party in London this week in celebration of the launch of the ‘Future Disco: Mirrorball Motel’ LP – with heavyweights Alinka, Michelle Manetti, Boys’ Shorts and label boss Sean Brosnan taking the spotlight. We catch up with Ukrainian-born, Berlin-based artist Alinka to discuss the event, her music and more.

Hey Alinka thanks so much for chatting to us today at Music is 4 Lovers. As always, you have had a very busy year so far! What are some of your favourite moments?

Thanks for having me! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind this year. I had a lot of really great gigs this year between festivals and clubs this summer, and I’ve gotten to work on some exciting remixes for artists I love like Planningtorock.

We understand you’ve been living in Berlin for a few years now. How are you finding it and what inspired you to make the move from Chicago?

It’s actually my 7 year anniversary in November, which feels crazy. I love Berlin, it’s always felt like home for me and I’m still really excited to get home every time I travel. I moved because I was ready for a change and Berlin was the first place that felt like home immediately. There’s such an inspiring music scene here, and I am really happy to be part of the community. 

You’re originally from Ukraine but moved to Chicago at a young age. What was it like growing up in the birthplace of house music? 

Chicago is a very inspiring and beautiful city. I feel very lucky that I got to grow up seeing amazing artists play in Chicago and be part of the music community. It shaped me as an artist and especially my work ethic. 

You have worked with many great artists over the years, perhaps most notably Shaun J. Wright. Tell us about your partnership with Shaun and how it came to be. 

Shaun and I met in 2012 in Chicago and immediately bonded over our love of Chicago House. We started working together and it was just inspiring and fun from day one. We’ve grown a lot since. I love Shaun so much and it’s really been inspiring to work with him and watch him grow as a DJ and Producer these years.

Your label Twirl that you run with Shaun has turned a lot of heads over the years. What can you tell us about then label and it’s journey from when you first started it? Where do you see it going in the future? 

We started Twirl as an outlet for our own music as well as to showcase our friends and artists we love. It’s been great to have a home for our music and have full creative control of the label. We slowed down the releases a bit the last years because of our busy schedules, but we will release a great EP from our friend Gordo with remixes from DJ Holographic and Shaun J. Wright early next year. 


We hear you will be appearing at the Future Disco Halloween party next week in London, marking the release of the Mirrorball Motel VA – alongside Michelle Manetti, Boys’ Shorts and Sean Brosnan – are you excited? How did you get involved with the project? 

I am very excited to be playing at the Future Disco Halloween party next week. I released on their other label NeedWant so it came about through that connection, and I’m working on a release for the Future Disco label for next year. 

As you we were born in Kiev, we thought it might be nice for you to put a spotlight on some of your favourite Ukrainian talents. Who has been on your radar lately?

There are lots of amazing Ukrainian talents, my favorites I’ve played with are Recid, Omon Breaker, Gael, and Pavel Plastikk.

You play on both digital and vinyl – do you have a favourite of the two?

I mostly play digital these days, but grew up playing vinyl for half of my career. I still play records at home for fun, but most of my collection stayed behind in the states so I don’t really play out with vinyl anymore. I like both really but they’re different for me, CDJ’s let you get creative in different ways with looping and etc but then it takes away from the feeling of your mind shutting off and just mixing you get with playing records, which I love.

 What’s the one piece of advice you would give to young producers trying to make it in the music industry?

Just keep working at it, don’t try to rush the process. Give yourself time to develop and don’t take shortcuts. Try not to compare yourself to others. Be kind and treat everyone the same. 

Get Tickets HERE for “Future Disco: Halloween Dance Party” at Number 90 on 28th October.

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