Aquarius Heaven is an artist who’s talent spans across multiple genres. Having just released the more techno infused ‘Take It Easy’ we spoke with the main man to discover more of the Aquarius Heaven story.

Amazing to have the opportunity to speak with you today. So, for any of our readers who have not yet heard the incredible sound that is Aquarius Heaven, how would you best describe the music you make?

Aquarius Heaven is a mix of emotions and sounds, with all my musical background from hip-hop, gospel, reggae, soul-music, just to name a few. Add all of this to electronic music and that’s the cake 

Your roots lay across reggae, dance-hall and hip hop, how did the migration over to electronic music happen? Did you find it an easy process?

Truth be told I didn’t realise it was happening till it was done, this is an adventure I would go on anytime again. Also not to mention having the dOP guys as teachers couldn’t get any better

Do you think having such broad influences gives you something unique within the electronic scene?

I often see artists limiting themselves to one genre when the possibilities are endless. Having such broad influences removes theses barriers 

Your latest release ‘Take It Easy’ is out now on Bunte Kuh. What did you originally set out to achieve with this EP? Do you feel like you succeeded with that or did it change over time?

I had never produced a techno track in the past and wanted to do just so with my lil twist… mission accomplished!

How did the relationship begin with the label?

We met a few years ago where I performed at one of the parties they organised and from that, we kept working together 

You have a couple of guests on the EP, Pattern Drama, and Clement Kassianov, what drew you towards them and what is about them that makes them so suited to reworking your sound?

Both guys I know personally and musically. We speak the same musical language in different versions, having them remix my tracks is more than a blessing.

2019 is quickly coming to a close, what would you say have been the highlights of your year so far? Any crazy gig memories?

There were lots of amazing moments all in their own way but I did enjoy the lovely moments at sunset in Bratislava.

 Your musical pallet is certainly a vast one now, crossing from ambient to world to melodic electronic music. Do you have a process you follow when working on a piece of do you simply let the creative juices lead the way?

Sometimes I have a plan that I do execute but sometimes the adventurous jams bring out the magic.

Finally, what do you have lined up for the New Year?

A lot of baking has been happening so stay tuned, also the lunch of AH Records is official so I’m gonna be letting off a lot of my personal jams.

Aquarius Heaven’s ‘Take It Easy’ is out now on Bunte Kuh.