The sensational musical climate in Germany is recognized as one of the best in the world, with its innovative artists and legendary nightlife. Berlin’s awareness seems always at its peak, yet there are various cities whose flare for the electronic arts award prestige as well, such as Frankfurt where our mix series takes us this week courtesy of DJ and producer Eddoh (Christos Mavridis). Home to illustrious clubs such as Robert Johnson-celebrating its 15th anniversary in excellence this summer- vibey festival Love Family Park, imprints such as CLR and Cocoon and more, we spoke with this dynamic artist and got to know him and the city a bit better.  Enjoy this sunshine spun mix full of “Hard beats and soft melodies” and keep spreading that international love <3

How are you? How has your Summer been going?

Despite form the fact that I have an injured knee at the time, the rest is fine! I’m preparing my next releases for the winter.

Let’s get to know you a bit, tell us about your musical history…

As a teenager, I used to like researching into music, from classic to metal and hip-hop to techno.
I was (and still am) amazed by a lot of artists who experiment with their style by mixing different genres.

But electronic music caught my attention most of all, so in the mid 00s I started my first steps on music production, gaining the support & attention of Local Dj’s in Thessaloniki/Greece, where I used to live for many years.  One among them, is Ison, with who I still run the Actor One project, with releases on Get Physical, Kindisch and Noir Music, gaining support from Djs like Kolsch, Heidi, Oxia and Hot Since 82 among others.

In 2011 I left Greece for returning to my birthplace, Frankfurt am Main, to continue my musical journey…The year 2013 I added a new project to my work, a personal one, named Eddoh.  The main idea of Eddoh, is “Hard beats and soft melodies,” with aim to present my own identical, but also evolving blend of House and Techno with influences from Disco or even Jazz. With the love of making surprises in the arrangement of a track and always in search of elements that will make my music interesting and maybe funny!

Not long after the decision of creating this project came the first track out on vinyl. “For what will come” is the start of Eddoh’s musical journey which came out in March 2014 via Smile For A While Records. The story continues in the summer of the same year, with a 12” EP on House is OK Records called “This Summer.”

How has the cultural and musical climate in Frankfurt shaped you as an artist?

Well, in a few words: Frankfurt has it’s bright and it’s dark side- so does my music!

As far as the city itself goes, fill us in on your favorite…

Record Shop?
Freebase Records

Robert Johnson, Dora Brilliant, LIDO

Local Artist?
Roman Fluegel, Lauers, TCB, Janis, Oliver Achatz

Mai-Kai, Megaron, Frau Rauscher

Place to relax?
Am Main!

Place to enjoy nature?

You mentioned your forthcoming EP on House Is OK, what inspired you during the production process?

When I started producing it, Summer was on the way 🙂 I always enjoy the time in May when Summer follows, so I had to do something musically for it!

Is this mix a reflection of any sound or feeling in particular?

It’s a presentation of how I like to present some good tracks from several artists, mixed up with my productions.

Thank you so much for chatting with us, have a wonderful rest of your Summer! 🙂

To you too and thanks for having me! Cheers!