[Mix] It’s immeasurable and insane how much I wish I had been able to experience the life changing experience and bliss that was Burning Man this year. Although I’ve always wanted to go in the past, this year was different … about 30 of my closest friends, those I call family, all journeyed out to the playa … and although some of us didn’t make it, our family carried us there in their hearts and souls. Self-professed and self-proclaimed underground music junkies, our Mi4L family found )'(ome in none other than the infamous Robot Heart. Robot Heart is the mecca for anyone in love with this type of music. To make the pilgrimage to the playa, to make the trek and follow the sounds of love radiating out of the Robot Heart Bus, through the dark desert … to come upon a mass of people all there for the same reason, the music. Fortunately for those of us stranded here in the ‘normal’ world, the Robot Heart family was kind enough to record those blissful beats and share them with us in the hopes that we can close our eyes, open our channels, and allow ourselves to get completely lost in the soundwaves so that we too may experience a little of the magic. This set from Hoj takes the Friday night into Saturday morning journey. Deep but light, hard but chill … this mix is a beautiful combination that transports you to what your mind can only imagine as a midnight playa dream. Transport yourselves dear lovers …