The difference between the greats and the legends is their ability to focus for longer periods of time. Without a doubt, the multi-talented Henrik Schwarz belongs to the living legends who need no further description. The highly versatile producer, whose work is of immense importance for the international music scene, presents a fresh remix on the 3000Grad Records label these days.

Henrik Schwarz is the perfect candidate to transform the bittersweet melancholy of Les Enfants Sauvages into dancefloor material. His Foggy Dreams remix still sounds a lot like a band, but multiplied with banging beats and the playful chirp of a synthie. Lovely! And there is even more to discover on the Remix EP.

There’s Stephan Zovsky’s outrageously fat bassline that lifts the soul of Tell Me like a thermal summer wind. While the remix of Ellom turns this song into a sunny house groover, complete with casual filter modulations, a kickdrum that lives up to its name and the subtle voice of the singer.

This Remix EP is the perfect companion through the last days of summer into the colourful autumn.