There are so many iconic experiences to be had at SXM Festival that you have to go for yourself to get a true picture. It’s an epic escape that mixes up culture, music, stunning locations and wonderful people on the Caribbean known as the island of Saint Martin | Sint Maarten.

It becomes an adult playground where you can plot your own movie with a Burning Mn vibe from sunrise to sunset, dancing on the beach, up on a Panorama stage, on the famous Arc Stage, on boats, in private Villa parties and so much more. The music is next level with headliners like Apollonia, Dubfire, CamelPhat, Astra Club (DJ Tennis B2B Carlita), Gordo, Rodriguez Jr. (Live), SIS, Sonja Moonear and tens more.

These pictures give you an idea of what a special gathering it is for those lucky enough to attend.

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