Gåddisøn continues to establish his self-titled label and shadowy club sound with another standout EP.

This London-born and raised artist has spent 20 years immersed in electronic scenes from jungle to techno, drum & bass to garage. He has landed on the likes of Quanticman and Insane Code Recordings and has a sound that explores the darker end of the spectrum. An established name and regular at clubs like Ministry of Sound and Brick Lane’s 93 Feet East, he is now focussing on his label and exploring the thin line between house and techno from a unique perspective.

The EP opens up with ‘Rhythm Factory,’ a fulsome, dubbed-out groove that has great bounce and airy hi hats. It’s the perfect track to get a crowd hypnotised and locked into the deft synth details. The superb ‘Intercity’ picks up the pace but remains a deep, stripped-back house track that has rolling kicks and heady synth motifs. It’s warm and direct and perfect for more intimate backrooms. Finally, ‘Below Bank Street’ is seven heavyweight minutes of rock-solid house. The kicks are carved from granite, hits scrape up top and rubbing bass makes it feel like you’re trapped in an earthquake. Some filtered vocals pan around the mix to add extra freakiness to what is an irresistibly dubby groove.

These are heady, well-designed and hugely functional club tracks that ooze plenty of subtle character.




Artist: Gåddisøn
Title: Intercity EP
Label: Gaddison Music
Release Date: 2021-07-16




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor