Episode 93 of our Fresh Faces series comes to us from California-based Ocean Roulette!

Ocean Roulette is a producer/DJ based out of Northridge, CA. His music takes influence from the psychedelic realms of indie rock. Bands such as Animal Collective, MGMT, and Stereolab are huge influences on his style of obscure tech house music.

Ocean Roulette’s career took off in 2017 when he began playing parties with Space Yacht. He started off as an opening DJ and quickly moved through the ranks playing different time slots throughout the years.

In recent years he has had music released by the essential house labels such as Psycho Disco, Desert Hearts, Arkade, Box of Cats, and In Rotation. These releases have led to major bookings at festivals such as Life Is Beautiful, Coachella, EDC Las Vegas, and Escape Psycho Circus. He continues to grow a following through outlets such as his Jackson Tree desert renegade parties, as well as by performing alongside his mentor Treasure Fingers at various Psycho Disco label parties. His music releases will continue to grow in 2021 so keep an eye out!

Be sure to check out the TECH MY HOUSE Compilation out now on Spotify



Steve Darko – The Only Thing
Burko, Bondar – ID
Shadow Traxx – Flesh World
MISS DRE – Shape A Thought
Ocsav- Mind’s Blank
NotiV(UK), Ky William – Another Life(Artmann Remix)
Mitch Dodge – What Up Then
n808 feat. JDIRRA – Is It?
RachEP – Blend
The Archer – Lonely Dream (Drunken Kong Remix)
John Summit, Dead Space – Dreams
Ocean Roulette – ID
Luxo, Skonka – Voy
Deepdisco – Slammin
Ocean Roulette, Burko – Tribes
Lozz- Space Voodoo
Dipzy, Luke Andy – Show You
Niles Shepard, Kasto – Man Overboard
Sacha Robotti, Sammy Leggs – When U Clackin’ (Andreas Henneberg Remix)
Kricked, Andre Salmon – You, Me, and the Galaxy


Turn it up & enjoy!