FREE DOWNLOAD from talented producer, Rafael Cerato, who has released tunes on Diynamic, Get Physical, Suara, Stil vor Talent, Systematic Recordings, Jeudi & Einmusika.

Inception” is an aggressive tune to get the dance floor really pumping. Download this track and keep it in your back pocket ready to for some peak time action.

Learn more about Rafael Cerato in the brief Q&A below…

Rafael Cerato – Inception (Original Mix)

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Interview with Rafael Cerato

Really diggin’ the track! Thanks for the giving us the opportunity to offer this free download and taking the time to chat with us.

Can you explain the inspiration behind Inception? How is this track special from some of your other recent productions?
Hi there, thanks for the invitation. Inception is a bit different because I’ve tried to have a special way in the drums lines, with a particular beat to have a real aggressivity in the mix down. The bassline is working good on the dance floor and the melodies + Arpeggiator are my own touch. So I think it is a good track between emotions and dancefloor effects. Super nice feedbacks, reactions so far! 🙂

Tell us the story behind your connection with Systematic Recordings?
I had the chance to play with Marc Romboy on a same gig in Lyon in France there are 2 years. I’m a Systematic’s fan for a long time now, so for me this gig was so special. The connection between us have been really fast, we are 2 simple persons and our passion for the electronic music is super important. I’ve asked him if i can send him some demos for systematic because it was like a dream for me to have the chance to sign on this legendary label. He told me « yeah okey send me some but im not signing new artists or young guys at the moment.. » After that, i went home and the next day I sent some tracks from me. After 1 month, still no news of Marc, I was a bit sad to be honest haha but the next morning I’ve received an email from Marc and he told me « thanks to be patient with me.. (secret) » and u can imagine the rest of the message 🙂 i was just super super proud. Now after 2 EP’s already released on Systematic, I’m preparing and finalizing the third one. So the story continue and i’m super happy about that.

What does your creative process in the studio entail? Any rituals?
No rituals, but I start everyday with a cigaret, my headphones, and my smile haha a good vibe is always a good thing to produce a good track!

How was the collab with Artbat special from the rest?
Our first collab with Artbat is « Uplift » , and Solomon is playing it everywhere, so we can not be more happy! He loves the track, and its coming on his label Diynamic. Its gonna be my second release on this label and i’m super happy! The support of Solomun is a super thing for me and my career.

What cool gigs are on the horizon for you this summer?
Some cool gigs are coming, my first Russian Tour (22th july @ Moscow and 23th july @ St Petersburg) then 28th july in Tunisia, then another beautiful gig in Lebanon, Beirut for example.


– jams
Jimbo James
Managing Editor