North America’s curatorial force for underground house and techno is getting darker and deeper. Through their flagship festival, unique touring event concepts, and record label, Desert Hearts has fostered a family of fans in search of unforgettable dancefloor experiences. Its diversity allows the brand to embody the sonic spectrum of partying any time, any day, from daylight to darkness and daybreak again.

The solitude of early morning reflections embodies the sound and direction of the label’s newly founded subsidiary label, Desert Hearts Black. DH founder Marbs and fellow producer Evan Casey will venture into curating deeper and darker electronic music, seeking to capture the vibes of the iconic, late-night sets at Desert Hearts Festival. In search of deeper, the new label aims to create a more immersive experience.

Desert Hearts Black begins its reach into the far corners of the genre starting with the release of an ethereal three-track EP from Marbs, Evan Casey and Rinzen. The ‘Torus‘ EP will be released on August 9, with a DH release party for ‘Torus’ on the same date in Downtown Los Angeles’ warehouse district. The fitting locale will feature label residents and special guests throughout the evening.

With an abundance of space, abstraction, and future talent to draw from, Desert Hearts Black welcomes those willing to go deeper into the endless internal journey of the mind.