Chus & Ceballos have been leading the charge for the underground dance scene for over fifteen years now, with their latest full length ‘Nomades ‘ adding to what is an already sterling and massive resume. Receiving such an overwhelmingly positive response for the release, the boys made the correct decision in assuming that we would love to hear some remixes as well, and who better to provide than their fellow Spaniards?

Production heavyweights Henry Saiz and Marc Marzenit join forces to turn the deep and sensual ‘All I Want ‘ into a face melting club monster, building tensions to an all-out assault in typical Saiz / Marzenit fashion. Fernando Campo takes the more minimal approach, keeping the sexy vibes strong while elevating the track with ambient melodies and head bobbing percussions.


Artist:  Henry SaizMarc MarzenitFernando CampoChus & CeballosDJ ChusAstrid SuryantoPablo Ceballos
Release Date: 2015-11-30
Label: Stereo Productions
Catalog No.:  SP160

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