Kiki Solvej makes her debut on the mighty Filth on Acid label with a superb set of tracks that speak to her years spent raving on the dance floors of her native Germany. Kiki Solvej is just 25 and is starting out on what promises to be a fine career. She has a hard and banging techno style that is perfect for this label and comes with her vocals on top.
This is Filth on Acid NOW!
Deutsches Rave Mädchen is the first high speed, high impact banger. It has industrial textures, steamy vocals bring a layer of human warmth, and laser like synths. Heute Nacht then gets more raw and frazzled, with stomping drums and busted synths all electrifying your every sense.

This is a big debut from a big talent.

Artist:Kiki Solvej
Title: Deutsches Rave Mädchen EP
Record Label: Filth On Acid
Release Date: 17th December 2021 [Beatport (2 weeks)], 31st December 2021 (all other stores)
1) Deutsches Rave Mädchen
2) Heute Nacht