[Release] Ever since HNQO blew up last year we have been hot on the Playperview trail and the sound coming out of his Brazilan based label. With notoriously catchy beats and instant favorites of releases, it is no surprise that we love this latest from the label. Playperview expand their family with this release inviting in the sounds of  Mexico with Alexx Rubio, MEXA Records frontman & Alberto Ortega, who has previously been making waves with releases on Cream Couture, Nasty Funk, & Sleazy Deep.


A heavy hand on the nu disco side of things, the title track ‘Closer’ is a wonderfully deep and groovy track, with grasping layers, catching vocals and a smooth bassline, it’s an instant favorite. The EP is loaded with 3 remixes. The first from The Mekanism tease you out, creating a slower captivating build up to a harder hitting sound with a bolder bassline and more prominent percussion. The second from Rolladabeetz amp up the track then strip it down to a solid sexy deep bassline. The final remix, and my personal favorite, comes from Alexx Rubio himself spicing it up with dirty synths and groovy dance ready beats.


We’re happy to hear some fresh new sounds from Playperview with the latest additions to their family. Really loving this release and looking forward to what these Sexicans have for us in the future.





Artist: Alexx Rubio & Alberto Ortega / The MekanismRolldabeetz
Title: Closer
Label: Playperview
Release Date:  April 30
Catalog: PPV010


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