[New Mix] MI4L favorite Mexa Records is coming in HOT. The newest promo mix from the label’s red-letter Alex Rubio soothes the mind through a ‘MENTAL’ journey ridden on the waves of seduction, soul, and sex. With hypnotic vocals and deep vibes, seducing with such sweet sounds as Fur Coat‘s ‘You and I’ this mix is mesmerizing, as if I was on some psychedelic trip. The perfect description of this trip is self-proclaimed in the mix itself around 6:30…this mix is  “floating, on the rhythm…now this rhythm, was like no other rhythm, it was so, seductive….it made me feel as if, I was being rooted to another state of consciousness, as if I was being seduced…by the rhythm itself…”  Seriously vibin’, press play and take a trip with me dear lovers…