This year, at the BPM Festival 2014 in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, we were fortunate enough to sit down with “Super House” super-heroes, Andhim and have a few words on camera. They were really great sports here, taking time before their performance to tell us about who they are, their relationship with Super Flu, what “Super House” is (kind of) and much more. Jeff Corrigan, our media-man extraordinaire, seized the opportunity to chat with these guys after staying out all night with us at our Music is 4 Lovers hosted event with Surface and Endless Recordings. We partied all night into the next morning with our friends and Jeff managed to pull of the interview around 1PM at Kool Beach. That’s kind of rockstar status if you ask me.


All in all, we got the shots and we got the words. We’re pretty happy Andhim made a little time for us in their day. Stay tuned for more from Andhim, we’ve still got a lot to announce…