The LoveBath returns for 2020 with a hot and steamy season in store for ya! So, sit back, relax… or hell, get up and DANCE as we head to Medillin, Colombia to dip in the sultry styles of one of the nations funkiest residents, Jackin’I’m.

I first met Jackin’I’m, born Lucas Piedrahita, on a DJ excursion to Colombia last summer. We instantly connected on our love of all things funky and it wasn’t long until I discovered he’d be a perfect addition to The Lovebath series. It’s a real pleasure to welcome him so please, show him some love and dig our interview, which you can find below.


Interview With Jackin’I’m

Please tell us a bit about yourself, your musical journey and where your moniker comes from?
I want to spread love and positive vibes with my music, happiness and good feelings always have to be in my DJ sets. I love to mix the tropical, afro and romantic sounds of the DISCO and FUNK music, with the beats and power of HOUSE MUSIC.
As far as my moniker goes, what I mean is that I’m the guy that will jack’ you up!

Your DJ/Event crew is called Sonido Fabricato and you do parties around Colombia…where did the name come from and give us some past highlights and future happenings in the works.
Fabricato was the first industry in Colombia ever, it was located in Bello, another city, not far from Medellin, and is the town where we grew up. When we established the crew, we were looking for a name that referenced to our city, because when we played, our sound was very different from the other local DJ’s and people used to say: “the Bello DJ’s where playing!” So, it made sense for us to use the name, SONIDO FABRICATO. We have been doing disco-house parties for 8 years and brought over 20 international artists to Medellin. We promote the culture and strive to present more than 100 national DJs in hopes to support the local scene. We will keep doing it to strengthen the Sonido Fabricato brand. In addition to Facebook, you can follow us on Soundcloud and Instagram.

In addition to DJing, producing events and being a father, you also own a clothing company for which you are the lead designer… give us some info on that.
Yeah, I’m a fashion designer. I have a brand called PAVO, I design shirts and t-shirts for men. At the end the idea is make clothes for party-people, from the DJ, to the dancer.

Anything else you care to share with us? This is your opportunity to plug, plug, plug!
I have a DJ duo with my friend, AudioMason called Telar City Sounds Orchestra, follow us!

#1 dancefloor weapon in your DJ arsenal currently?
Always a banger: Let’s Go Dancing • Chrissy



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Davey Schacherl
Contributing Editor