Studio 338
338 Boord Street, North Greenwich, London, SE10 0PF

Studio 338 is a venue like no other. Its evolution over the last decade has been a rollercoaster ride that has seen the team behind it put their hearts and souls – plus major investment – into every single detail. The venue has changed immeasurably since it first opened, from an unknown house and techno club to one that is now recognised on the world stage as a place to hear the best DJs on the planet. They play on a perfectly tuned and custom-built sound system with next-level lighting that makes for events like no other.

Even in the face of adversities such as 2016’s devastating fire – which caused major damage and shut the venue for 18 months – and then the Covid-19 pandemic, Studio 338 has always battled back bigger and better than ever. It is now regularly voted as one of the Top 30 clubs in the world according to DJ Mag, but will not rest on its laurels.

To dance in the iconic glass atrium that is The Terrace as cutting edge light shows rain down and crisp electronic sounds rattle your ribs is one of dance music’s most essential experiences. To party in The Garden under a hot summer sun with Ibiza’s most celebrated brands and DJs is a rare opportunity to feel the magic of the White Isle in the heart of the capital. Losing yourself in the close-knit Loft space as new school stars leave their mark is how musical history is made. As Studio 338 enters its 10th year, the influential venue marks the momentous occasion in the only way it knows how: with more investment in new acoustic treatment and a mind-blowing new lighting rig The Grid as well as a full 12 months of mouthwatering events.

It all starts on January 28th when celebrated in-house party Release hosts Davide Squillace, Leon, William Djoko, Hypoxia and Kira while Eastern Electrics, Danke Sounds, Space with Todd Edwards, Heidi and James Zabiela, Amnesia present Pyramid with Alan Fitzpatrick and Marco Faraone and Sankeys with Amine Edge and DANCE, Del 30 and Mant all line-up before the end of February. Head to for tickets and to be part of these unmissable celebrations.

Though now known around the world, Studio 338 has humble roots. It started as a niche house and techno club in Greenwich but over the last decade has become one of the scene’s foremost music venues. The same team has been in charge throughout that time and has developed the space into the unrivalled venue it is today: a first round of renovations introduced the now iconic main room aka the Terrace which is open day and night year round and along the way has its old plastic roof replaced with a state of the art sound proof glass atrium with mezzanines around the dance floor. Next, a car park was converted into The Garden, an open-air space open during daytime all summer long and The Loft is an upstairs space that has provided cosy and intimate backroom vibes since day one.

World renowned brands soon started to call Studio 338 home and put on some of their biggest ever London shows: Cocoon, Sankeys, Elrow, Solid Grooves, Abode, Space Ibiza and in house brand Release are now all synonymous with the venue which offers an electrifying musical experience and broad array of genres which truly put it on the world stage with the best of the best.
The start of the year has seen the venue invest further in its legendary and custom fit flagship VOID acoustics sound system by installing hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of acoustic treatment to the Terrace in order to create a truer listening environment. Upon completion for the 10th anniversary re-launch it will truly be one of the best places in the country to enjoy music.

But that’s not all, as the lights have also been under constant evolution with more systems, control and installations – most notably the famous octopus. On January 28th, the venue premiered a brand new lighting installation called The Grid – a fully controlled lighting grid which follows the structure of the terrace: it looks unbelievable and adds another sensory layer to a night out at Studio 338.

Says Studio 338’s Dan Perrin, “It feels like a real landmark reaching 10 years in London despite major setbacks such as fires and global pandemics. I see 2023 as the one where Studio 338 really ´grows up´ and goes into a whole new phase for the next decade. We have a calendar which reflects all of the diversity of London and includes everything from reggaeton to techno and live music, represented by a lot of the world’s biggest brands in their space. None of this would have been possible without the support of a very loyal set of ravers and music lovers, especially during the hard times, so it also feels like a time to reflect on that and reward everyone that’s been on this journey alongside us with some very special parties and even more incredible dancefloor moments.”

The 10th year at Studio 338 is about moving everything up to a whole new level and really set a new bar for nightclubs. The program will see old favourites at centre stage, parties which have called Studio 338 home since the very beginning such as Space and Sankeys, plus some very special shows as well as adding new ideas and concepts to the program such as Amnesia presents Pyramid, Mamacita and more to come.

Make sure you are part of this historic chapter in the story of one of London and the world’s most influential nightclubs.

Month One Line Ups 

January 28th – Release w/ Davide Squillace, Leon, William Djoko, Hypoxia and Kira
Feb 4th – Eastern Electrics – line up TBA
Feb 5th – Dankie Sounds
Feb 10th – Mamacita
Feb 11th Space Ibiza w/ Todd Edwards, Heidi and James Zabiela
Feb 18th Amnesia present Pyramid w/ Alan Fitzpatrick and Marco Faraone
Feb 25th – Sankeys w/ Anime Edge and Dance, Del 30 and Mant