Next up on Just Jack Recordings, Simoncino takes you on one hell of a journey, through 2 straight up dance floor destroyers… the lead tracks ‘Come with me bebe’ and ‘Acid life’ which thump and twist along, with sparse synths and heavy baselines causing pure ecstasy as they pump their way into your blood stream!

And then exploring more experimental territory with 3 shorter jams (Afrikan I, II & III) which take you through tribal rhythms, chants, screams and a hell of a lot of other weird shit, before he puts you to bed with the beautiful ‘Ambient Deep’. You will need it after listening to this EP Get ready to sweat!

We had a chance to catch up with Simoncino to chat about the upcoming release, check the interview below!




Artist: Simoncino
Title: Come With Me EP
Label: Just Jack Recordings
Release Date: 2021-04-02



What was the inspiration behind your EP on Just Jack?

The inspiration for the “African Trax” come from old african/jazz rare album like “Nakara Percussion” (1984), “Jungle Mating” (1958) and many others in my collections

The other tracks are excerpts of time spent in the studio in recent years, I don’t remember exactly when they were made but for example the first track “Stay With Me” had recorded on an old cassette and I think made 6 or 7 years ago

Can you share with us a little bit of insight into the production?

Nothing special in this period, I simply use a lot of plugins like the new roland clouds (the replica of many old classics like Roland D50, JX3P, Jupiter 8 etc etc) and some sample from EMU Emulator II and loaded on the Pluginn Tal-Sample.

I like sometimes changing the instrumentation in the studio, this increases the ideas. And also because I have a lot of synthesizers broken LOL.

How have you been keeping busy this past year? Much time in the studio?

This period is a total disaster especially for the music business. As always I have work in the studio, perhaps more than usual, but also because I have more free time.

But surely these bad times don’t help creativity.

Can you share with us who you think is killing it amongst your peers? Who do you appreciate at the moment?

I have a lot of people that respect and who always make exceptional records, like Luke Hess, DJ QU, Levon Vincent, Omar S, Benedek and many others but these five are fire !

What’s next for you? Where can we find you next?

I have many releases coming out like my new album on Rawax, two ep series on skylax with a Virgo Four collaboration and a remixes from Legowet, Marcellus Pittman, Larry Heard and Vincent Floyd and of course this ep on the great Just Jack Records

Also my labels are very active, on HotMix after the last EP from Luke Hess now will be out a various artist (Underground Dance EP vol IV) and on HotIsland a new project from the Italian legend DJ Uovo

Actually i m working on one of my acronym “Ron Jason” for my new label Mystic Records, that will be out the first release for the end of the summer

And have in mind first of the new year to make an album for Just Jack Records maybe a triple 7″ with some collaborations




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor